Oct 13 2009

Yes Sir/Mate?

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 5:54 pm

Just finished reading a pretty interesting article from the BBC on a headmaster from India. Check out the picture below…

Babar Ali

That isn’t one of his pupils, that IS the headmaster! Babar Ali decided that the amount of children in his neighbourhood who simply can’t afford to attend lessons (even if there is space in a free school, many of them have to work to earn money for their family) wasn’t acceptable, nor a good situation for the prospects of his village. So, each evening after attending school as a pupil, he goes home and relays what he has learned to those kids who are able to take a few hours off work. It is truly humbling to think of someone that age having the emotional capacity to consider others less lucky than himself, and managing to continue his own studies whilst teaching others. Hats off to young man.
(Cynical posting about nothing too important will resume shortly).

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