Oct 04 2011

Three Bed Detached House For Sale – Gloucester

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I need to catch up with a few posts that I’ve been trying to get around to writing for a while. The first is about a house a friend back in Britain is selling. If you are looking for a three bedroom detached house in Gloucester, then you might want to carry on reading.

3 Bed Detached House For Sale, Gloucester

The kitchen was refitted recently, you can park a car directly in front of the house on a small drive, with two sheds in the back garden. As you may have guessed, I’m not an estate agent, so to get a better idea, you should probably head directly to their site – click to discover more about the three bedroom detached house for sale in Gloucester.

Back Garden Of Three Bedroom Detach House For Sale In Gloucester, Glos

Other things I should probably already have mentioned : Gas central heating, uPVC double glazing, and the shops really are very local.

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(I’m not receiving any sort of recompense for this post btw, but if you buy the house after seeing this blog post, please let her know I sent you, I’m hoping a bottle of vodka would await my return to the UK 😉 )

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Jul 10 2008

Brown Brothers And Affinity

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 12:58 am

What is the connection between these two companies? One (Affinity) was a big ISP I used to work for back in Gloucester. Towards the end, just before the directors stripped the assets and fired everyone before the receivers arrived, tension was rising within the workforce. Employee sick leave was rising, people were beginning to complain we weren’t allowed to take cigarette breaks after 6pm, that sort of thing. At one point, management tried to tell us that we could only use the toilet at certain times of the day; those with surnames beginning with A-C could go between 8-10am, etc. etc. It wasn’t much longer after that before I was glad to have stopped working there. Anyway, how do Brown Brothers fit in with this? They are apparently automatically docking worker’s wages, (see here) depending on how long they are in the loo. As they need to remove their overalls for sanitary reasons, this can add up. Whilst the comments left after the article raise a few interesting points, I still think this sort of practice belongs in the 19th, not 21st century.

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Jul 09 2008

Mashed Up Government

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 7:09 pm

The British government is putting £20,000 into a competition to encourage people to create data mash ups, especially within education, criminal justice and health areas. The fact that ministers have taken on board advice and agreed to something relatively new as the process of mash ups is encouraging. I’m no New Labour zombie, as previous posts probably show, but this time around I’m happy to tip my hat their way. Check here for the BBC article. I already had a look round the FixMyStreet site, and although in some areas there haven’t been any updates on outstanding cases for a while, it was interesting to see what sort of things annoyed people in the different areas of Britain I’ve lived in. For example, near Ira’s old work, it would appear they still have problems with kids riding motorbikes on footpaths, and over in Gloucester, a naughty resident did not put out his rubbish on the right days. Apparently house prices weren’t too adversely affected 😉

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Mar 21 2008

52 Gun Metal Pearls for Alanis Nickel?

Category: VideosChrisM @ 3:46 am

My thanks to Kate, over in Gloucester for the heads up on this video. If you haven’t come across Tim Hawkins before (I certainly hadn’t), spare five minutes to listen to and watch this video. The impersonations are pretty spot on when it comes to famous musicians, and the video (created by ‘Burnin8r55555’ – now theres a name you might just mistype…) is a pleasant enough accompaniment to it.

It reminded me I seriously need to improve my music library, I couldn’t find anything other than a few tracks by Pearl Jam for starters.
One of the problems some people have when impersonating celebrities is that they can only really mimic a certain singing style or accent, but the range of music and delivery styles was pretty impressive 🙂

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Aug 06 2007

Glowcesster, Gloster, Glowster?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 9:57 pm

Whilst doing some research, I came across the following Wiki entry (disputed pronunciation) that details common mis/alternative pronunciation of English words. I hope you are reading this Oleg 🙂
Anyway, we were never taught the International Phonetic Alphabet at school (for example, ?d??.g?.ba?t is one possible pronunciation of the word gigabyte), so I ended up referring to the separate entry on that for help in understanding just what the differences are. Oleg was surprised that I did not know the phonetic alphabet already, last time we met, as he often refers to it in his language studies.

(In case you are interested, the town’s spelling is Gloucester, and is pronounced gloster…)

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Jul 25 2007

Eagle Eyed Ira Spots Flooding (Pictures)

Category: Personal,Pictures,WeatherChrisM @ 9:58 pm

Many thanks to Irina for spotting the following pictures covering the ongoing problems in Gloucestershire with the recent flooding.
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