Jun 20 2007

Gas Pipe Disruption – Though Not Where You Think

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Police take action over attempts to disrupt the construction of a gas pipeline.
Just another day in Iraq? Not a very surprising head line to read perhaps?
Well, this is not regarding terrorists/freedom fighters in Iraq. No, this concerns my home countries – England and Wales!

Around 30 people have been protesting about the construction of a pipeline between Pembrokeshire and Gloucestershire (the county Cheltenham is in, where we lived prior to Astana), and the A40 (that eventually leads onto London) has been closed around Brecon, as the authorities attempt to evict the protesters.

Grab more info at the BBC article on their web site.

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Aug 25 2006

Reasons To Skydive

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What reason do others have for wanting to SkyDive? Who will ever understand the beauty, the freedom, the rush but someone who has been there already? Perhaps you, if you check out www.skydiving-news.org/why_do_people_skydive.php

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