Aug 17 2007

Karra’s Doppelgänger

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Ira sent me a link today to some cute kitten pictures. I’ve included one below, as it really does look a lot like our Karra, when she was young.
Not Karra

Now, we have the real Karra, back in November 2006, practising her best innocent look…
Karra Hiding
She still tries it now, when you discover her climbing a curtain, removing wall paper or being generally mischievous, but we tend to fall for it a little less.
We should be going to see the in-laws over the weekend, and so be able to check in on the new kitten (called mini-Dasha for now 🙂 ). I still haven’t got around to transferring, resizing and uploading the video from earlier on in the week, I’ll try to get it done soon.

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Aug 16 2007

Photos Of The New Kitten

Category: Dasha&Kittens,PicturesChrisM @ 2:24 am

OK, as promised, here we have the very first photos of Dasha’s kitten. She actually weighs in at 110 grams, not the 107 I quoted earlier. The video is going to have to wait for another day, as I am feeling too tired to start mucking about and would probably start getting things wrong.

So first we have Mini Dasha wondering where mum has gone. (Dasha had in fact gone to grab some food and a drink, but was only 50cm away).
Mini Dasha Wheres Mum Gone

Now we see the box she was born in, the very same box used each year, with the birthdays written on the side. A cardboard box with some heritage 😉
Birthing box - same box used every year

This one came out reasonably well, which was surprising – I didn’t want to disturb the kitten too much, so turned off the flash, and left her in the box. This meant using the macro mode on the camera, and not actually seeing the LCD screen when taking the picture.
Kitten Flash Off Macro Mode

Here we have Ira holding Mini Dasha, followed by me holding the kitten. He/She§ looks very cute there.
Ira holding Mini Dasha Chris Holding Mini Dasha

The weighing procedure. (Mr Owen, if you’re reading this, NO ONE will want me to call it massing!)
Weighing In At 110 Grammes

A little picture to show the scale – Dasha’s Paw vs. Kitten.
Kitten Dasha Scale

Finally, dinner time.
Dinner Time For Kitten

§ – Until we know for sure which gender the kitten is, you will probably encounter a fair amount of confusion on my part. Apologies.

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Aug 15 2007

Mini Dasha

Category: Dasha&KittensChrisM @ 11:44 pm

We have just got back from the in laws, and apart from a nice meal and some time with Ira’s parents, we got to see Dasha’s kitten. Not sure yet, but Irina thinks it is a boy. His fur colour is most definitely inherited from Dasha, and not the father, and he currently weighs 107g. That is just under 4 ounces, according to my Amsterdam research. We are not certain yet, there may be more kittens to come, but without an ultrasound, and because Dasha has become quite large the last few years, we will just have to wait and see. The kitten looks so cute, and you could probably fit two or three in the palm of your hand. Coming back to the flat and seeing Karra and Muska made us realise just how much they had grown in 11 months.
Anyway, I hope to post some pictures and/or a video later on, once I have caught up with a few other things.

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Aug 15 2007

Dasha Is A Mum Again!

Category: Dasha&Kittens,PersonalChrisM @ 4:16 pm

We will be popping round to the in laws to check up on mother and kitten this evening, but apparently Dasha has given birth to a kitten today 🙂
I am not sure if there are any other kittens still on their way, but I will hopefully have some photos to post later on this evening/early morning tomorrow.
So, Karra and Muska now have a little brother or sister. I do not know any other details right now, and would be interested to see what colour and patterns the new kitten’s fur holds, but I just need to be patient for 3 hours, then we will know.
Up until a year ago, I loved cats, but ONLY at a distance… anything less than a metre away from me, and I was convinced he or she would try and shred my skin with their claws, or just bite me. (Don’t ask, Siamese cats are psychotic little things, that is all I’ll say). However, since we had our own kittens, I have grown used to them, to the point that I can happily fall asleep with Karra snoozing on my chest! I think part of the issue was authority – when the cat in question is someone else’s I did not feel right shouting at him/her if they dug their claws in, nor giving them a smack if they were wilfully destroying curtains etc. (Before any hardcore animal lovers chime in, I am not talking about beating up a small defenceless kitten, merely smacking its bum if it continuously destroys curtains/furniture after weeks of stern “NO”s. However, our kittens are mostly behaving themselves now, apart from our wallpaper…. I don’t think they will be happy, or change their behaviour, until we choose a different style/texture.

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Aug 05 2007

Mini-Dashas / Karra and Muska v2 On The Way?

Category: Dasha&KittensChrisM @ 11:06 pm

Well it looks as though Dasha may be giving birth soon! See previous posts for last year’s result – our very own Muska and Karra 🙂

Anyway, Dasha is now acting a little strangely, so Ira found her favourite box she likes to give birth in. Later on in the evening, Dasha was trying to paw open some of the drawers in the study, again, apparently she tries to build a nest in them sometimes. Not sure if nest is the right word, but you hopefully know what I mean.

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May 08 2007

Karra The Screen Blocker

Category: Dasha&Kittens,PicturesChrisM @ 7:12 pm

If you check the older pictures of Karra & Muska, there was a time when Karra could monitor my work on the PC, without blocking the screen…
Not anymore, unless she has some room made for her, and is encouraged to lie down, my work suddenly comes to a halt 🙂

Karra Next To The Screen Karra Lying Down Next To The Screen

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May 01 2007

Just Found This Photo…

Category: Dasha&Kittens,PicturesChrisM @ 5:06 pm

of Dasha from a couple of years ago…

Dasha Yawning Or Hissing

So, what do you think Karra and Muska’s mum is actually doing here – yawning or hissing?

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Apr 12 2007

2002 vs 2006

Category: Dasha&Kittens,PicturesChrisM @ 1:12 pm

Following on from my video comparison of Dasha’s kittens in 2003 compated to now , here is a picture of Dasha’s litter from a year earlier (2002).
Dashas Kittens 2003
(We were obviously still living in Britain then, but we came over to Kazakhstan for Summer or New Year trips)

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Apr 07 2007

Kitten Videos

Category: Dasha&Kittens,VideosChrisM @ 12:05 am

I lost some videos whilst attempting to fix this week’s blog problems, so have these instead…

First we have the kittens just a little while after they were born, last year. They’re snoozing/feeding, and one has a little difficulty in finding a decent posture…

One of them playing in their box, before they started to venture a little further..

Oh, go on then, have another one…

Next we have the same mum – Dasha, but with her kittens from 2003

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Oct 12 2006

Few More Recent Kitten Piccies

Category: Dasha&Kittens,PicturesChrisM @ 4:55 pm

First we have the photos I promised a while back, and secondly some photos from last night. They’re still growing really quickly, and are now more adventurous
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