Nov 05 2008

Not Much Posting Likely Today

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(OK, nor the last couple of days, but I have a real excuse this this time 😉 )

So it is 5.15am over here, and I’m watching the news channels’ (CNN, Al Jazeera International and BBC World) coverage of the US elections. The first polls have recently closed, and I’m just hoping I’ll still be awake by the time unequivocal results are officially announced, or at least until Virginia declare 🙂

To my friends who are also pulling a late-nighter/early morning to monitor the results, I hope you’ve had some sleep by the time you read this…

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Oct 15 2008

Obama AND McCain Not Eligible?

Category: Aware Or Conspiracy Nut...,In The Media,VideosChrisM @ 1:04 am

I was speaking with a friend yesterday about the American presidential election, having just finished watching Michael Moore’s Slacker Uprising. I tend not to dip into politics to often on this site, suffice to say I’m not exactly leaning to the right as I type this 🙂 Anyway, after the short conversation, I remember I had bookmarked something a while back, and had forgotten to post the link on here. So, a little belatedly, here it is – Obama’s Birth Certificate Is A Fake?
Personally, I would have been happier if it were something against McCain, rather than Obama, but I still found the article captivating reading. Even if the certificate turns out to be genuine, the processes involved in the testing were interesting, though if you don’t like the CSI series of TV shows, you might want to give it a miss.
Just before hitting the Publish button, I thought I would go and check McCain’s Wiki page. Glad I did, as within the discussion page, some people question McCain’s eligibility to be President as well! Check out the snopes page for a quick summary, and if you want to read a synopsis of a essay on the subject, check here.
Finally, I found the following YouTube video on Michael Moore’s Sicko film where he argues with Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

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Apr 12 2007

Alan Johnston Appeal

Category: In The Media,PersonalChrisM @ 10:42 am

If you’ve watched almost any news channels in the last month, you’ll have been hard pressed to have missed seeing reports on the abduction of Alan Johnston. He is the BBC’s journalist in Palestine , and in what looks to be a world first, BBC World (BBC 24 for UK viewers), Sky News and Al Jazeera English will simultaneously be broadcasting a program to raise awareness of Alan’s plight, and will apparently feature Mark Thompson (BBC’s Director-General) directly appealing for Alan’s release.

It is due to be simulcast at 14:30 BST (13:30 GMT) today.

[update] Just heard CNN are taking part as well

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Nov 30 2006

200th Post

Category: In The Media,Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 12:59 am

200 Down, Who Knows How Many More To Go?
OK, so I was too impatient to wait for the 200 post mark to pass naturally…
In case anyone is in any need of further proof that I didn’t just insult Mr Arafat’s widow in the e-mail below, check out THIS google search and spot the amazing similarity to other documented 419 scam letters, albeit with other front names attached…

And while I still have your attention, check out How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs (though, as the article freely admits, you could just press the Pi button on your calculator) & also the latest interesting declaration from our colleagues to the west – U.S. to North Korean leader: No iPods for you! (Link removed, article no longer present at CNN) Whilst I’m not known for blindly supporting any Bush strategy, at least this particular sanction isn’t likely to directly affect the daily life of your average North Korean.

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Nov 15 2006

Al-Jazeera Intl Goes Live

Category: In The Media,PersonalChrisM @ 11:34 pm

We now have an alternative news source on our satellite receiver. Listening to BBC World and CNN really only tends to give one angle on most stories, and the others (EuroNews,CCTV9(Chinese), Russia Today etc.) all tend to either be bland, or so blatantly state-guided, if not controlled, as to add little to the mix.
Anyway, I’ve had Al-Jazeera Intl tuned in for a while, and they’ve now switched from their test transmission (3 minute ad rolled over and over) to real programmes.
Our sat. dish is pointed at the HotBird group of satellites, but I’m assuming they are transmitting on other European-based satellites as well.
Link to BBC News article is here.

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