May 19 2010

The Years Aren’t So Kind To Some

Category: PicturesChrisM @ 11:15 pm

So, below we have three images, see if you can guess who they are…

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit C

If you are still wondering (I will assume you don’t live in Britain if the last two stumped you), click the read more link below for a few more faces

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Apr 17 2010

Qik – Playing (losing at) Pool…

Category: Friends,Tweets,VideosChrisM @ 10:11 pm

Qik – Playing (losing at) Pool With Dan In Highvill, Astana, Kazakhst by Chris Merriman

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Apr 03 2010

Qik – Dancers At Kids Birthday…

Category: Anna's Videos,Tweets,VideosChrisM @ 5:37 pm

Qik – Dancers At Kids Birthday Party by Chris Merriman

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Mar 21 2010

Qik – Anna Sunday Lunch by Chr…

Category: Anna's Videos,TweetsChrisM @ 8:17 pm

Qik – Anna Sunday Lunch by Chris Merriman

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Mar 07 2010

Qik – Anna by Chris Merriman h…

Category: Anna's Videos,Tweets,VideosChrisM @ 8:54 pm

Qik – Anna by Chris Merriman

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Aug 15 2009

Feeling Itchy Yet Fred?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 10:42 pm

I received an e-mail that got around my GMail spam filter by keeping the main message within an attached document. Anyway,
‘Fred Driver’, using as his e-mail address sent the following…

Plz view attachment for your message.


attached was the following request…

Dear Friend,

I am Capt. Fred Driver, an American Soldier, I am presently attached to a security company here in Iraq, I am assigned with the 1st Armored Division (Basra) here in Iraq. I am writing following an opportunity that will be of immense benefit to both of us.

As you know we are being attacked by insurgents on daily basis coupled with (Improvised explosive device) explosives we encounter almost every day, this has been responsible for the loss of both US & British Soldiers more than combat confrontations.
After the fall of Saddam Hussein, we discovered various amount of funds running into millions of dollars which we returned to the new (Iraqi Government) as you can see on this website:

However, when the situation became critical and we began to loose soldiers on daily basis and coupled with the recent deployment of United States Soldier out from Iraq, I decided to keep some of these funds we discovered just to help our family in case we didn’t make it out of Iraq alive. The total amount in my custody here is US$12.5million dollars in cash.


All you have to do is just help me receive these funds in your account for us to share. On receipt of your details, I will properly guide you on the procedure we will adapt to facilitate a smooth transfer of these funds.
Kindly send me an e-mail, signifying your interest including
Your name:
Telephone/fax numbers for quick communication:
Contact address:
NOTE: This transaction is risk free and the case can be shipped out within 48hrs after we have both agreed to carry out this venture.

I urgently hope to get your response as soon as possible.

Capt. Fred Driver

Deciding to check if s/he had used that alias before in other 419 scams, I came across a couple of instances back in May, thought about making contact and seeing if I could waste some of their time, but got bored very quickly writing a reply. So the following got sent instead…

Congratulations on your promotion from Sgt. to Capt., and I am glad you have managed to sort out $6 million dollars already, since May 19th (see here and here).

If I had the time right now, I would gladly engage you in a long running e-mail exchange, in the hope that any time of yours that I wasted would be time you couldn’t be successfully conning at least one gullible person out there.
I spent quite a lot of time dealing with 419ers in one of my old jobs back in England – using the deaths of soldiers in Iraq is pretty fricking low, scraping the bottom of the barrel like those scammers who use names of those killed on 9/11.

May you get a crab infestation and your arms be too short to scratch, or failing that, at least get a conscience and decide to do honest work for a living.


Chris Merriman

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Jul 08 2009

Amsterdam 2007 Photos #9

Category: Amsterdam,Friends,Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 2:55 am

Finally, we have a last shot of Cocos, and a pure pre-roll of something from somewhere. I’m hoping to eventually find my notes from the trip, and I’ll then be able to change vague descriptions like that to something a little more specific.
Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007
Shock, horror, something schmokable in the next picture, so….

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Jul 06 2009

Amsterdam 2007 Photos #8

Category: Amsterdam,Friends,Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 2:07 pm

Next we have a typical sight around the streets – someone passed out, not appearing to move at all. (Shots taken out the fire exit, still in Coco’s Outback Steakhouse.) Eventually someone saw he was moving, and therefore not about to die probably. He makes the transition from lying down on a stone slab, to sitting up, to proudly making it to a cafe table and chair!

Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007
Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007
Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007

Wow, tried to find the restaurant on Google Maps, and several candidates presented themselves. Until Alex or Chris can provide clarification, or I find that notebook, I’ll not publish the map.

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Jul 03 2009

Amsterdam 2007 Photos #7

Category: Amsterdam,Friends,Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 4:18 am

We moved back to Cocos Outback Steakhouse (need to check name later), where we have Alex once more, deciding which delicacy to go for… (kangaroo burger was one of the touristy delicacies on offer in the menu. More importantly, they allowed schmoking with your meal, though if they were busy, they preferred you to use the side room. Fair enough.)
Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007

Not related to the aforementioned grub, here is that establishment’s toilet taste proudly on display.
Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007

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Jul 03 2009

Amsterdam 2007 Photos #6

Category: Amsterdam,Friends,Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 4:17 am

Next we have me in Barneys (Alex if you’re reading this, can you remember which of the Barneys establishments this was? I still can’t find my notebook from that trip) and then Chris reminding me that I was supposed to pixel out his face for online versions of photos.
Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007
Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007

Alex bought some items from this stall, on the way to grabbing some food, and I think she managed to barter the price down a little on condition we told our friends about her. OK, so its a little late to meet our end of the bargain, but here is her stock and her card
Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007
Amsterdam Chris Merriman AlexC ChrisD 2007

I’ll include a map showing locations of the coffeeshop and stall when I can remember/be prompted where the hell they were. Oh, and some of these photos may well be taken by Alex. Can’t remember which are which, sorry.

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