Nov 01 2009

One Kitten Still Needing A Good Home

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Taken towards the end of September, these photos were taken of the three remaining kittens that hadn’t yet found a new family to live with. Since then, only one hasn’t yet been re-homed. The two in the second picture have already been taken away. So if you know of anyone here in Astana who would like the kitten in the first picture, please do let them know about this site/specific post. We think the kitten is female, which seems to be a problem for Kazakhs – the thought of more kittens in the future put a lot of people off. Spay the kitten when she is old enough, we know of a good vet here in Kazakhstan (Astana specifically) who took care of our two cats). Male cats tend to spray to mark their territory, so as long as have the kitten treated, a female one would be better for most homes!

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Aug 24 2009

Kittens Available Soon In Astana

Category: Dasha&Kittens,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 3:47 am

Tishka (Dasha’s daughter) has had four kittens this Sunday, and once they have been weaned and are ready for the big wide world without their Mummy around, they will be available (free) to anyone prepared to give them a good home.

NOT Tishka's Kitten. Just Cute.

So, if you live in Astana, know how to look after cats, and are interested, click the Contact page for e-mail addresses etc., or leave a comment here.

(Fairly) Obviously, the image above was just a google search, as the kittens themselves are very small, and living over at the in-laws. Will try and grab some proper ones next weekend. By which time, Dasha, these kitten’s Grandma, may have had her litter.

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