Mar 11 2008

I’m From Holland, Where The Frick You From?

Category: Amsterdam,Personal,VideosChrisM @ 2:13 am

NSFW (Not Suitable For Work (viewing))

My thanks to Cheese over at the VDF forum for pointing these out to me. The first video is Bobby Burns’ track – “I’m From Holland”. Why NSFW? It has the ‘F’ word multiple times, so if you have headphones or turn your speakers down, you should be fine – no naked ladies or anything 🙂

The second video is made by Boom Chicago, a comedy troupe based in Amsterdam, basically a parody of Bobby Burns’ vid, with a few stereotypical insights into Dutch life. Once again, NSFW due to F word usage.

If we have the time and money, I’m hoping Ira and I can go to the Boom Chicago theatre to catch their improv show, though this time we’ll eat somewhere (cheaper) first to save a little money on the tickets.

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