Apr 09 2012

Still Have The Strange Frames? (Corrected Display Version)

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 9:19 am

So far there is no sign of an updated ShareThis plugin for WordPress, meaning that if you have not yet disabled the facebook like option, you will probably still have two transparent frames at the top of your blog (see the Strange Boxes On Your Site post). If you prefer, the ShareThis forum users have provided a couple of other options,
1st is taken from here
(oh, before I forget, to use either of these bits of code, change any {{ or }} you see to [ or ] respectively. Even using the code tag in WordPress, the info wasn’t displayed correctly)

Hi, sorry my poor english
I made this trick and work perfect
To the bottom of page, before {{/body}}

.fb_reset#fb-root div {top:-3500px !important;}

the default range is {top:-2000 } but my page is more long of this range

or you could use the second option, taken from here

Just add:

#fb_xdm_frame_http, #fb_xdm_frame_https { display:none; border:none; }

to your style.css

An explanation offered within the WordPress forum mentioned above is the following…

Facebook is adding additional iframes for security reasons and they did not realize that user agents’ default styles sheets in some browsers contain rules such as iframe{border:2px inset; } , they will probably fix this soon, but this is a problem on facebook’s behalf meanwhile you can fix this issue by either css code directly for these iframes:

#fb_xdm_frame_http, #fb_xdm_frame_https { display:none; border:none; }

or you can add to your css reset rules:

iframe { border:none; }

Please follow any of those links to see who exactly should be given credit for the discoveries. (I’ve just stuck to disabling the fb like option for now.)

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Jun 24 2010

Multiple Sites, One Interface?

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 10:24 pm

I have yet to play with the multi-site abilities of WordPress 3.0 (porting over WordPress MultiUser main characteristic). I want to see if I can have all of my blogs looked after by one super admin interface, so when the time came to upgrade to WordPress 3.1, or one of the plugins, I could go through the process just once instead of twenty odd times. I’m not sure how the process would work when some plugins are only installed on some sites. If have a plugin that pulls in news from various RSS feeds on one site, but that plugin isn’t used elsewhere, what happens? I also think I’ll need to still use an extra plugin and fiddle with some CNAME records, as all the sites except one are on totally different domains, not subdomains or folders of one master site. Anyway, that is all a project for another day – I don’t have the time to dedicate to repairing any potential problems I may cause right now.

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Jun 18 2010

Installed WordPress 3.0 on main blog

Category: Tweets,WordPressChrisM @ 2:25 am

Installed WordPress 3.0 on main blog. All posts vanished from front page! Changed theme. All OK. Proper post in the morning. Heading to bed.

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May 26 2010

Late Spring Clean

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:44 pm

After repairing all my other websites (following the hacking of my server and insertion of malware links), I decided to standardize all the plugins across the sites, and only install themes and plugins that were available from the official WordPress repository. This makes keeping them up to date a lot easier (and semi-automatic) and should any new hacks take place, the clean up job will be quicker. In the last few days, I also finally re-instated the Amazon links; when these sites were not built around WordPress, I’d had Amazon.co.uk books related to each topic displayed, but didn’t see a single sale. I went through my AWStats information, and nineteen out of twenty sites had the most traffic from America. (Actually Russia figured quite heavily as well, but a) Russian visitors aren’t famous for click on adverts and buying products and b) Amazon don’t have a .RU specific site, oh and c) A lot of the Russian visitors were actually spam bots, once again not known for earning web masters money 🙂 ) So, discovering that I had already set up an affiliate account there, I went ahead and inserted Amazon.com adverts on each site. I’m hoping that the sites will start to earn a bit money than the last year’s income, though I know that with summer coming there will be the usual dip in visitor numbers and corresponding income. The grill (BBQ) tips site might just be the exception, I suppose 🙂

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Oct 12 2009

Happy Birthday Bro

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:35 am

As you have most likely guessed from this post’s title, today (12th October – we’re just into that day over here in Kazakhstan, and I doubt he’ll read this in the 4 or so hours left of the 11th of October back in Britain) is my brother’s birthday. He already has the best present he could wish for, as his Facebook friend’s and reader’s of John’s blog already know. I’ll post on that soon.

Happy Birthday Nick Merriman

I hope you have a great day with your family and friends, and that you stay sober enough to remember it Tuesday morning 🙂

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Jul 28 2009

SearchTerms Tagging 2

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 6:25 pm

Just wanted to write a quick post about a (WordPress) plugin I’ve started using recently. It is called SearchTerms Tagging 2 (I’m guessing I missed version 1?), and the idea behind it is quite simple.
As you may know from my posts about the WP GotLucky plugin, I find it interesting to see what people were searching for when they found my blog. Obviously a lot tends to be based around Astana or Kazakhstan in general, but sometimes people are looking for quite specific information about a software configuration issue they have, or for other people’s thought on a holiday destination. With the GotLucky plugin, I have an RSS feed and e-mails sent each time this site is found via a google search, but without running the search myself, I can’t tell specifically which post they ended up at. With SearchTerms Tagging 2, each post has a list of the search terms used to find the post (if this has occurred since the plugin was installed), and on the config page, I also have a list of which terms (and associated post) were found most regularly.
So, head on over to the page linked above if this sort of plugin sounds of interest you. If you have any queries/feature suggestions, check out the comments, where you’ll see the author is pretty quick and helpful in his responses/upgrades 🙂

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