Jun 09 2010

Swansea Beach

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 10:59 pm

On the same day (22nd of February) as Anna having a little drink, we headed down to Swansea beach again. It was good for Anna (and us (Ira, Seb and me)) to grab some fresh sea air, and Gwen seemed to enjoy the opportunity to be allowed off the leash and have a run around. Other dog owners often come to the beach with the same idea in mind (dogs are only restricted to being on a leash in Summer months, when more tourists visit), which means that Gwen can socialize freely. This often means run towards another dog, then running away as soon as they show some interest.
Anyway, other than Anna taking some temporary interest in an old soup can in the sand, there isn’t a lot going on in these videos, but it is interesting for us to see how Anna’s walking has changed these last few months, if nothing else…

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Jun 03 2010

Guinness And The Beach

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 1:38 am

Another shot (still picture rather than video this time, especially for anyone with difficulties watching YouTube videos due to work based filters etc.) of Anna getting a taste for Guinness, and also of Anna and Irina on the beach. For anyone who hasn’t read this blog before, I have to separate the photos and videos of Anna into separate posts, as when they are automatically imported into Anna’s site, any posts from this site that are in multiple categories get duplicated. I also tend to mention the date the photos or videos were taken (22nd of February in this case), as at some point I hope to amend the dates posts are shown as published on her site, so they reflect the original day the images were taken.
Anyway, enough long winded explanations, onto the pictures…

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