Dec 24 2011

Inevitable last minute Christm…

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Inevitable last minute Christmas shopping. Anna on a Flimbles ride.

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Dec 18 2011

Anna’s Photos – June 2011

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Yes, I realize a few non-Anna pictures have slipped into the galleries. I need to go and check through the folders of pictures without Anna in them, to see if I’ve missed any good general shots of friends/family/Kazakhstan.

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Dec 16 2011

I try not2tweet yucky stuff2of…

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I try not2tweet yucky stuff2often,as I realize followers with no/grown-up kids won’t appreciate details,but Anna finally had a poo on a loo!

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Dec 12 2011

Anna going for a unicorn/narwa…

Category: Anna's Photos,TweetsChrisM @ 3:19 am

Anna going for a unicorn/narwahl/rhino look

Anna With A New Hairstyle

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Dec 12 2011

Zen Working

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:46 am

When we return back to Kazakhstan, I will need to start considering how to use my time more carefully, and try to ensure I maximize earnings along the way. When Irina goes back to work, looking after Tim and Anna at the same time is likely to be pretty knackering at first, so I’ll need to try and set aside a few hours every couple of days where I can focus on work related tasks. I probably need to start thinking about changing the physical work environment a little as well. I had wanted a little whiteboard to write tasks to do, contacts to chase up etc., but as my PC is in the living room back in Astana, this adornment would not be welcome on the wall. In the end of the living room that we’ll call my office chairs are not a problem, however trying to type from a sofa or armchair is a bit impractical.

Office Chair

We currently have a dinner table seat at the desk, as the original proper office chair was broken when a couple of friends decided that it could take them both at the same time! It now permanently tilts all the way back. Even I had to agree that it looked messy. Rather than throw out a mostly functioning piece of furniture, we relocated it to the living room balcony, which is where people can smoke. Once Anna was able to walk though, I no longer had use of a comfy reclining seat on the balcony though, as Anna proved very early on that she had the dexterity to lock Daddy out!
Part of the problem is that any PCs/hardware I’m attempting to fix then competes for desk space with another couple of PCs and a printer, and all sorts of odds and ends. Maybe I should set up a very narrow study/office on the balcony!

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Dec 11 2011

Went out for a pub-style meal….

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Went out for a pub-style meal. £8.95 for all u can eat!

Anna Eager To Take Her Place At The Table

Tim Snoozing In My Arms

Tim Again

Irina Merriman

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Nov 19 2011

Anna made cakes again today, t…

Category: Pictures,TweetsChrisM @ 12:22 am

Anna made cakes again today, to celebrate Nana’s return. Tim doing fine.

Anna's Smarties Fairy Cakes

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Nov 13 2011

Tim, Anna, Ira & Gwen Driveway Clydach

Category: Anna's Videos,Tim's VideosChrisM @ 9:19 pm

Shot yesterday (12th November 2011), here we have Irina, Tim & Anna along with Gwen here at home. I’ve just noticed there seems to be a problem with the resolution, I’ll have to fiddle with some settings on the phone, sorry about that.

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Nov 13 2011

Tim, Anna, Ira &Gwen on Port Talbot Beach

Category: Anna's Videos,Tim's VideosChrisM @ 9:14 pm

Last week (the 6th of November 2011), we all went for a quick drive over to Port Talbot beach, as the weather was very warm and we realized we hadn’t been by the sea for a while…
After a long walk with Tim and Gwen up to the end of the beach and back, we decided that some fish and chips had been earned. Anna was on her best behaviour, I’m really glad we made it out.

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Nov 06 2011

Port Talbot beach (as it is a …

Category: Anna's Photos,Tim's Photos,TweetsChrisM @ 8:51 pm

Port Talbot beach (as it is a lovely sunny day in South Wales!)

Port Talbot Beach

Port Talbot Beach Too Much Sun

Gwen, Ira, Tim & Anna On Steps At The Beach

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