May 16 2007

Sunstorm (A Time Odyssey)

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Sunstorm (A Time Odyssey) – Arthur C. Clarke

Again also featuring the writing talents of Stephen Baxter, this book carries on with the story from Time’s Eye. It is actually quite difficult to talk about this book without giving away the ending of the first in the series.
Suffice to say, there wouldn’t be a second in the series if the first ended in the death of too many main characters or the end of the world 🙂
This time around, there is a threat to Earth from the Sun, and leaders of all the nations must work hard to come up with a plan to avoid annihilation. Unfortunately, it turns out the Sun’s massive solar flares aren’t natural – someone or something wants Earth to be void of humans, the first strike effects electronics, the next one could mean the downfall of the human race!
Although it makes sense to read Time’s Eye before reading this novel, if you can only find Sunstorm in your local book store, things are explained well enough that you won’t be left feeling like there major unexplained holes in the logic of the plot here.
Again, I liked this novel quite a lot, it was responsible for quite a few late nights.

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