Apr 27 2010

Suggestions For Kazakhstan – Part VIII

Category: KazakhstanChrisM @ 5:42 pm

Hmm, why isn’t the number eight represented as IIX in Roman numerals? It takes less characters…
Anyway, this will probably be the penultimate Suggestions for Kazakhstan post for a while, and it is on children in cars. As the law dictates that only those sitting in the front should have to wear belts (and even that is only fairly recently legislated (or perhaps enforced?)), you hardly ever see anyone wearing seatbelts in the back of a car. If the idea of trying to force adult Astanites to also wear belts when not sat in the front seems laughable to the authorities, could we at least have something passed, or enforced if such legislation already exists in writing, that children sat in the back should be seat belted and in a car seat if necessary?
Some sort of government information scheme is definitely required, at the very least to prevent motorists whining about being unaware/ignorant of the dangers of free roaming, jumping and distracting kids in a moving car, and also that air bags will cause damage or even death if inflated with a child sitting on the relevant part of the dashboard. Yes, in case you didn’t read my tweet regarding this last(?) year, I saw a mother sat in the front of a modern car, holding her baby over the dashboard, right where the airbag would shoot out from should a shunt occur. It is bad enough thinking that you can seriously hold safely onto a child in a 30mph or more crash, but to actually put them into so much extra danger makes me want to scream.