Oct 23 2009

Subsequently, Razors Were Involved

Category: Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 1:30 am

This is the intro to the weekly vlog series from Jason/Lucky, down in Almaty. Also a short interview with one of the entrants to this year’s Mongol Rally. The same rally that the famous ‘Tupac In Kazakhstan’ video came from. Hmm, I thought I had posted that video already. Can’t seem to find it in my archives anywhere. More than likely it is hiding in one of the draft posts for this blog, or a series of bookmarked tabs in Firefox. I’ve got Kazakh related news articles from early 2008 in my Bookmarks menu. Not a lot of point in posting about most of those, I guess.
So, why haven’t I embedded Lucky’s video in this post? Because I want you to explore his YouTube channel for yourself. Once you’re knocked over by his style and content, leave a comment on a video or two, and consider subscribing 🙂

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