Feb 25 2011

Strange Escapes

Category: VideosChrisM @ 10:31 am

This first clip is returning to more Dom Joly like sequences, but with a fair amount of people assisting in the project. A standard zebra crossing is the location, with motorists initially stopping to let a couple of pedestrians cross the road. The weirdness factor is quickly ramped up however, with skiers, animals and Father Christmas quickly entering the fray. The timing is just right so that most motorists will simply wait for the mass of people and objects to finish crossing, but not so tightly packed that hundreds of co-conspirators were required. I’m not sure whether such a joke would work safely here in Astana – most people do now at least stop for narrow zebra crossings, but if this many tried crossing, I’m sure a VIP would tell his driver to just push the car through.

Hopefully the comedy prisoner uniform will have allayed most drivers fears of a real prison break-out… ?