Oct 23 2009

Step Away From The CD

Category: FriendsChrisM @ 2:09 am

One of the computers I previously mentioned had a few problems, which is why a friend bought it over to the flat for me to take a look at. It was slow to start up, even slower at starting Internet Explorer for the first time, and kept displaying dubious warnings about infections. Basically, she had some malware that tried to convince her to buy some software to remove some non-existent problems.
An IT guy had taken a look at it, and advised her to reinstall Windows. The better solution was to remove all the un-necessary start up items, disable the plethora of unwanted IE addons loaded, suggest increasing the RAM from 512Mb to one or two Gb, and to remove the silly program. It was designed pretty well, to the point that even specialist removal tools were automatically shut down at the point of cleaning it, though not at the detection stage. Anyway, all sorted now, and whilst it doesn’t fly along, it should keep her going until she gets some more RAM. Reinstalling Windows is sometimes necessary, but to be honest I was surprised that the IT guy hadn’t fixed any of the obvious problems or suggested more useful solutions.

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