Oct 22 2008

Stats Problem Solved?

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 4:23 am

I have decided to give the free FireStats package a try out on this blog. More observant readers may have noticed that I removed the original Unique Visitor count from the first sidebar, as the numbers it produced were not correlating with those provided by the AWStats package I access via my CPanel interface. Having not been able to find an easy method to retrieve and publicly post info from the AWStats records, I had a look around for other alternatives, and so far all seems well. Although I couldn’t use the easy online install program, the only difference compared to a conventional installation seemed to be the time taken to upload many small files from my PC to my server via FTP.
I was able to set the starting point for the counts displayed, though because I am missing last December’s stats (following a change in hosts), I had to estimate both the uniques and pageviews.
The starting counts displayed should be accurate to within +/- 1,000 for the uniques, and +/- 8,000 on pageviews.
Anyway, I hope the code won’t slow down loadtimes too much, and that I should finally be able to keep an eye on uniques/month without having to log into CPanel too often.