Oct 26 2007

Started A New Job This Week…

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:57 pm

Thanks to our friend Walton, I started a new job this week, teaching English to Russians and Kazakhs that want to improve their language skills.
Before people start spitting coke/tea/coffee all over their monitors, I should point out that I am really just there to provide conversational practice, rather than drill the intricacies of grammar rules into the victims pupils. So far I have one student four times a week, and another just once. As they don’t know this blog exists I am obviously not about to post their names, but the first is a retired man who used to work in the airline industry, and wants to improve his English for speaking to foreigners when he travels, and the other is still at school. The first person will have their lessons at 11.30am, which is good for me, as I don’t need to worry about getting to bed before 3am the preceding night, however as the 2nd pupil is still at school, I will need to be at the office by 9am once a week! Don’t go expecting too many blog posts on a Monday night for a while 🙂
Although this blog earns me more money per hour of work than this ‘real’ job, any extra certainly helps, as Ira and I will be travelling to Britain this Christmas for Mum & John’s wedding. Hopefully either Ira’s Mum or both parents will be coming as well, with Balzhan and Ildar another possibility. Anyway, I hope to make a proper post on the planned happy events this Yule tide a little later.

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