Apr 27 2010

Spring Lightly

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 5:40 pm

With Spring looking like it may have finally decided to stick around here in Astana, even the locals have started dressing in less Winter like clothing. The snow has melted almost everywhere (except a few places where the sun is blocked out all day by tall buildings, and the river Ishim has just a few dodgy looking green patches of ice left floating). This means we can finally take off the winter sleeping bag attachment on Anna’s pushchair, making it a little lighter to carry up and down to our flat. At some point in the future, I wouldn’t mind checking around for an alternative for Anna, or something like the old fashioned lightweight frames with a simple fabric seat. Whatever the case, carting 10/11Kg up four floors isn’t fun, and although Anna is perfectly happy going up stairs, that sort of distance, with bannisters that don’t prevent small children from slipping through mean that our arms still get a good workout each time we take Anna out for some fresh air.