Jul 17 2007


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It is strange what concepts or ideas can sometimes inspire a post on my blog. A couple of meandering witterings ago, I mentioned I needed a spitoon having uttered two dirty words, as far as I am concerned at least. Anyway, as I was not sure how to spell it (in case you care, both spitoon or spittoon are apparently OK) , and I do not always trust FireFox’s built in spell checker, I popped over to Wikipedia, and bought up the page on spitoons.

Now, should the need ever arise, I can talk for, oh at least 30 seconds, on the subject of receptacles to spit into §. So why exactly did it fire my poor synapses momentarily? I think Kazakhstan needs a lot more public spitoons (or just plain rubbish bins) to prevent spit from just collecting on the pavements, and making otherwise respectable men look like British chavs in just a few seconds.

OK, what I really wish for is spitting to be frowned on a lot more over here, but as that has a snow flakes chance in hell of occurring, I would truly be happy if people just spat into something, rather than where I walk. It is like being back in the Lower High Street in Cheltenham. ahem, sorry, make that the ‘West End‘ LMFAO 🙂

OK, random suggestion over, just one more thing I especially liked – a quote from the Wiki

If you expect to rate as a gentleman
Do not expectorate on the floor

Now how do I say that in Kazakh, and where do I find taxi quickly enough afterwards to prevent a beating for being a smug self righteous bar steward 😉 ?
§ (Because we all know that anything found on the internet has to be true, don’t we 😉 )

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