Apr 18 2011

Speeding Up And Slowing Down Artificially

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:47 pm

Having managed to shave off around three and a half seconds of the loading time for this site (from just under six!), I thought I’d post a bunch of YouTube videos at once to slow it all down again 🙂

Pretty impressive career change from one of the group (World Order). He went from MMA fighting to dancing and acting.

TBH, I hadn’t checked the description of this video until now – I try to re-watch an entire video and read the descriptions/more info sections before embedding clips on my blog. Anyway, the following by Genki Sudo is worth a read.

Many disasters are ongoing in Japan; earthquakes, Tsunami, and nuclear accidents. These unprecedented things may be able to change however from now. That’s why I expressed through World Order to convey some message to you on my own way. I see these accidents will become a turning point of civilization. I think the time of revolution is coming, where people in the world coexist with this planet against the system of modern society, economy and politics.
Any accident is neutral. Although we are straying around this deep darkness, I believe we can get through anything when each of us can let go of our fear and face things positively.
The world won’t change on its own. We do change one by one. That makes the world change. The darkness just before the dawn is deepest. So, we do rise up together to greet the brilliant morning truly coming for the human beings.

Check the YT page again for a link to the track used in the video.