Apr 08 2011

Sometimes A P Just Isn’t An R

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 10:42 pm

I still need to sort the character encoding issues that have existed for years on this site. If I attempt to display any Cyrillic or, more likely, just non-Latin characters, question marks are displayed. Unfortunately it isn’t as simple as opening up the MySQL admin interface and flicking a setting over. I’ve tried a couple of different processes on a test site, one didn’t work at all, and the other worked, but removed anything after 200 words within each existing post. Obviously neither is ideal. I would eventually like to have a dual language blog (a bit like running a shop in Canada, you’d need both mobile phone and Téléphones cellulaires as possible category titles, with the same information mirrored within, but obviously using French and English where needed), with machine translated Russian versions of my posts, perhaps integrating some sort of collective correction facility for my friends and family who actually use proper Russian vocab.