May 08 2007

Something Rotten

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Something Rotten – Jasper Fforde

Last (see end of review) book in this series of 4, Jasper seems to have bowed to public expectation, and plays a great deal on the possibilities of what happens when ego-centric fictional characters enter the real world (Hamlet being one, hence the title of this book). Thursday has worked her way up to position of Head of the literary police force Jurisfiction, based in the literary world.
However, Thursday has had her son, and is now itching to return to the real world. She longs to try and rescue her husband from his current state of non-existence and reunite her whole family together for the first time. When she returns to reality though, things are going seriously awry again, and she has a lot of work to do. Goliath have publicly atoned for their previous transgressions, and with a nod to the Church of Scientology, have decided the most profitable business path to go down is turn itself into a religion.
I’m looking forward to the next, and possibly last 🙁 , book in this series by Jasper Fforde which I think is due to be published this summer. I’ll try and find it and write a review when it becomes available.

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