Apr 09 2008

Social Experiment Or Calamity In The Wings?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:46 pm

I recently came across Mod My Life, a site where you can suggest what a real person does, on the street, and watch the results with (almost) live streaming video. A bit like some sort of reality TV show, but without the ad breaks, and no premium rate calls to vote on which suggestion should be implemented. btw, this post isn’t sponsored, the site just really caught my attention. Head on over here to see what I’m talking about. Which reminds me, if you see a post of mine with a link like here, there, article or some other nondescript term, it is safe to assume I’m not getting paid to mention it 🙂

wow, just tried to find a blog category I could file this under. None to be found. Also re-discovered some I’ve not used in a long time. I think I need to tidy them up some time. Probably after the Amsterdam and UK trip. Wow #2 – I think I’ve probably managed to go a week or two without boring my readers with more reminders about my upcoming trip. Wonders will never cease…

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