Dec 19 2007

Snow Joke

Category: PicturesChrisM @ 5:03 am

As you may remember from earlier this year, I went out on a snow mobile a couple of times, with some friends of the family. Well, they bought a new vehicle, and I’ve been meaning to post the pictures for a while.

Losha New Snowmobile

This new one is a little longer, with better support for a second passenger, and some luggage space on the back.

Losha New Snowmobile Speedometer
The speedo tops out at just over 120MPH, which even allowing for the manufacturer being hopeful, and positive marketing, still equates to an adrenalin-pumped ride (who am I kidding? That sort of speed equates to new underwear requirements for the likes of me). I never took the old one above 45MPH even, and I felt sure that was fast enough to cause serious issues should I fall.

Anyway, I hope we might get a chance to try it out on the frozen lake again next year, but in any case, I hope Losha et al get some enjoyment out of it 🙂