Mar 25 2010

Smoking Tewksbury’s Audio Problems in Kazakhstan

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 7:33 am

Firstly, to Dick, I’m sorry for not approving and replying to your comment on the Amsterdam GPS post – I haven’t had the time to sort the files for you yet, as they are still on a hard drive in Kazakhstan. I’ll try and get back to you next week. I’m guessing you are the person who searched for “amsterdam coffechop POI” , “amsterdam coffeeshop gpx” and a few other related terms? I was reading through the list of recent searches that bought people to these posts and noticed that Tewksburys Floods (from a few years ago), Kazakhstan, Amsterdam and audio problems involving some Sonic Focus drivers. I really must try applying that update again on my XP install at home sometime. I’ve not broken anything (config wise) in a long time, maybe I shouldn’t push my luck?

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