Nov 05 2009

Smiling Anna At Home

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 12:22 am

This photo captures how Anna looks in real life quite well. So Irina probably took it 🙂
Anyway, the 11th of September 2009 was the setting, back in our flat. You can see the blanket/duvet we put on the floor when Anna plays (to keep her away from cat hair etc.), and the sofa cushions from her room (did I mention she has moved into her own room now – big girl 🙂 ) that are just about still working as a way of stopping her from crawling away when our heads are turned. Which reminds me, we need to move the coffee table out of the living room, before she hits her head.
Anyway, back to the photo…

Smiling Anna With Her Cube And Ball

Smiling Anna With Her Cube And Ball

Ah, upon checking the folder this photo was taken from, I can see this is the first day with some videos in it. I’ll go and upload them to YouTube, and include in a separate post, as the import process to Anna’s site creates duplicate posts if I put both and photos and vids into one post (and correctly categorize it).

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