May 22 2011

Small Or Almost Broken?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:05 pm

Anna has finally given in to (at least a small amount of) logic, and rather than scream very loudly every time the sun is in her eyes (normally when I’m driving her to playgroup, and there is no one else around to shade her eyes), she has decided that wearing (rather than ripping off) sunglasses would make sense. Unfortunately the glasses we bought for her last year are just a little bit too small. If sensitivity to the sun is ever passed on through genes, I think I’m the one to blame – I’ve had my glasses tinted for almost half my life now. Permanently screwing your eyes up in the Summer is not a pretty look, and there is no point in further detracting from a face that only a mother and wife could find handsome 🙂
So, we now can buy sunglasses with some small hope that they will actually be used! We went to the local children’s store and found a pair that seemed to fit well, and didn’t instantly receive a negative reaction from Anna. This pair didn’t have a strap built in, meaning she could easily take them off and play with them. This is exactly what she did during our first journey to kindergarten. Unfortunately, this pair were also a little bit structurally less sturdy than the previous ones – she has already severely weakened them around the part that sits on her nose.
So now we need to make sure they don’t snap, and keep an eye out for a pair of sunglasses that fit well, are a bit stronger than the last pair, and preferably have a UV block rating by an institution that we can have some faith in. Not like the pair pictured below…

Probably Not UV Safe!