Nov 17 2007

Slight Blog Redesign Completed

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:51 am

You probably will not notice a great deal of difference, especially on the front page, however I have tweaked various aspects here and there, trying to decrease the load time required. Also, when you view individual posts or specific categories, the majority of adverts have now been removed. Whilst I could pretend this was entirely motivated by wanting to please my readers, the adverts were not earning anything like enough to justify their continued existence, especially since some of them may have contributed towards this blog’s downturn in Google’s ranking.
Anyway, let me know if the pages load any quicker, the same, or whether you prefer the look of the site with less adverts and ‘get a review posted here’ type links. If you would prefer not to leave a comment on this post, feel free to contact me, the link, as ever, is at the top of each page.