Apr 24 2008

Sleeping Matters

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 9:04 am

Did you know that you can apparently tell what sort of person you are by the position you sleep in?
Unfortunately (for the purposes of analysis at least), my own natural resting position is a combination of three they mention. In which case, I can apparently be described as having a tough exterior, with a soft centre, a little introverted when meeting people for the fist time, but open up quickly. I stick to my guns, and enjoy socializing!
OK, so that is selective quoting, you could equally say I’m shy, suspicious and cynical. I dither when making decisions, obstinate, brash and easily insulted. I think I prefer the first summary 🙂

If you find you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, then you should apparently avoid making mobile phone calls before you retire to your bed. However, the fact that the sample size was only 71 makes me think that a lot more study is probably required before any proper conclusions can be drawn.