Jul 21 2010

Skynet Has Your Car…

Category: VideosChrisM @ 12:37 am

Try as I might, I could get some flash videos/slideshows to embed properly on this site. Mainly because I was being naughty and just viewing the source code of the site they are hosted on, rather than simply pointing you in their direction

Ok, scratch the above paragraph. Someone has kindly uploaded the video to YouTube, though if you want to read more about it, or possibly see the video with higher quality, head on over to here.

Some people were complaining about the cost of maintenance for this setup, however in cities where space is at a premium, and too many buildings are landmarks/protected by law, I can see where this could be very useful. I doubt the charges are going to be any worse than Central London short stay car parks, anyway 🙂

Oh, and thanks to Stephen Fry for the original heads up on this system.

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