Aug 10 2007

Six Years Today!

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So it is a big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Irina. Back in 2001, we were both here in Astana, getting ready for the big day. I managed to achieve my bi-annual achievement (looking reasonably smart, no stubble, AND wearing a suit!), and Irina surpassed her previous standards by looking even more stunning and beautiful than ever!

Chris Irina Merriman Anniversary 2007 Six Years

Ira is at work today, and I need to catch up on some sleep (the work required to get this PC working once more replaced my normal sleep for a while), however we are hopefully going out for a meal this evening, once we have said hello to the family that are visiting Ira’s parents house. (They are arriving today in readiness for tomorrow’s celebrations, as it is my mother-in-laws birthday on Saturday). Rather than buying a bottle of perfume that may not be to her taste, or something similar, I’ve agreed to try and get a Motorola Razr2 V8 or V9 when I head over to Britain, so if any friends of ours could keep an eye out in the local shops/online, we’d be really grateful.
So six years on, still together, an even stronger relationship, and has not got bored of me yet! Who could ask for anything more. Anyway, this blog does not often feature emotional content, but I hope everyone else can understand my wish to shout from the rooftops …. I LOVE YOU IRA ? 🙂 ?

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