Mar 31 2011

Shredding A Shreddies Box

Category: FriendsChrisM @ 11:45 pm

Dr Ken very kindly asked me before his last trip to Britain if there was anything I wanted him to pick up for me. Approximately 3/100ths of a second later I replied a box of Shreddies would certainly fit the bill. After not having them in Kazakhstan during the five years we’ve spent here, a few months back Paulo kindly bought them over from Europe. The packs disappeared very quickly, and I was glad that Ken asked so soon after they’d run out. I should have either opened this pack with more care, or used one of the proper cutting tools we have, but the pack became a little torn with my eagerness to sample the malty goodness. Irina and Anna both like them as well, so I think if anyone else in Astana misses Shreddies, they should grab a bowl soon!