Jul 23 2009

Shocking Revelation

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:37 am

There are idiots online. No, wait, really! I was playing Kingdom for Keflings last night (stop sniggering at the back, see older post for exact reasons why I own it), and had a lot of problems with people joining the game, and randomly destroying buildings 🙁

The one guy in the afternoon stopped it when asked, and helped build the city up. A lady in the evening explained she was remodelling, but left 25% of the existing buildings wrecked. Then another idiot came along and just destroyed everything he could. Sort of ruins the online community gaming experience to be honest.

Who would have thought such tendencies existed online, especially when behind the anonymising mask of an Xbox live account? Submitted negative reviews for the worst offenders, and luckily had a save game where only a handful of the buildings were wrecked, so will revert to that. Once the internet comes back that is. Obviously writing this offline – will post when able to.

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