Jul 15 2007

Shock… Well Mild Surprise… OK No Suprise At All

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:37 am

I won’t link to all the previous Paris Hilton stories, just type her name into the search box on the left if you would like to read the older ones. Anyway, there was a massive amount of, well, non-amazement as the LA Association for Deputy Sheriffs claimed she was given preferential treatment.
Apparently, she was given a mobile phone, so she would not have to wait in a line with all the other inmates, who have to wait and queue to use a pay phone. Rather than have some skanky, pre-used prison uniform, she was given a new, unused set, and her mail was delivered personally by a captain, rather than trusting the post to be delivered by another inmate, as is the norm.
OK, the mail part I can possibly see an argument for, but if the mail delivery inmate is chosen for their (relative) trustworthiness, there shouldn’t be an issue. Other than that, if the allegations are true (currently they are refuted by the LA Sherriff’s dept. itself), I sincerely hope the decision makers are chastised. If it can be proven any favours/dollars were involved, the perpetrators need to be fired, with no pension etc.

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