Sep 07 2010

Shiny Seb

Category: Friends,Pictures,VideosChrisM @ 8:14 pm

In case you haven’t browsed the Celt Photographic site recently, check out John’s latest posts when you get a moment (August and September would be a good start).

Anyway, if you check the recent entries, you can see the transformation of Seb from a bruised, battered and cut mountain biker, to a lizard man! All still images are copyright Celt Photographic, please make contact via the previous links if you wish to use any pictures etc. etc.

Seb has also just posted up a video that the artist who painted him has uploaded, and I’ve also included another from her collection.

Any ladies interested in Seb should send me their details, along with a photo, so I can vet them first!

Still Smiling Seb

All Muscle Or All Bruise

Lizard Face

All Over Lizard

(Small last minute correction, the smaller image of Seb was apparently taken by John’s friend Nick, I’m hoping he won’t mind me using a low-res copy on this site.)

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