Mar 13 2008

Shas Party’s MP Lost The Plot

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 12:13 am

OK, if the country you lived in had an unusually high level of tremors and earthquakes, what would you do? Study, or at least consult experts in the field of plate tectonics? Consider moving further away from fault lines? Look at what the construction industry can do to minimize risk to human inhabitants of their buildings?
Well, Shlomo Benizri took a different route in his logic. According to his addled brain, the quakes have been caused by gay people in Israel, or more specifically the fact that the Knesset had continued to pass laws giving protection and equal rights to those who chose same gender relationships.
Head on over to here for the article. I really hope that as we slowly stutter into the 21st Century, that such ignorant, deluded and partially brain dead wuck fits will become a smaller and smaller percentage of the population, or at least not find themselves with the privilege of being paid to spout such crap in a public forum.

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