Dec 17 2010

Sexy Kinect-ions

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:26 am

OK, so the crossover everyone has been waiting for has finally taken place!
Dubstep and Aled Jones? No, you’ll need to wait until the next post for that…
Four loco being sold in shops near you along with cheap but effective hangover cures? No, in fact last time I checked the caffeine and alcohol pre-mixed drink was being banned in some (all?) American states, though Europe doesn’t seem to be in a rush to regulate, let alone ban, such mixtures.
Microsoft’s Kinect system and 3-D adult entertainment games are now more than just the dreams of lonely men and women across the globe! Check out this post for more details, though the whole site and many pages he links to are NOT suitable for work browsing. I was reading through recent developments in the Windows 7 and Kinect drivers scene, when for some reason the URL caught my attention. If you don’t know what a fleshlight is, perhaps best to skip that blog for now 🙂