Aug 28 2007

Severn Trent Responds To Criticism

Category: In The Media,WeatherChrisM @ 4:05 am

Check the IGotLucky page linked to at the top for a few links to posts on the recent flooding my home country (and in fact home county) had. The water was cut off for a while, and even when turned on, was not suitable for washing in or drinking, even if boiled. The problem was that a water treatment plant was flooded, and as flood waters are not at all clean, this meant serious repairs were needed.
Anyway, the BBC has an article detailing some of the criticism levelled at Severn Trent Water, and their response to it. Basically, a lack of communication was a major issue residents felt, and the response to the emergency did not seem at well planned out. Hopefully the company now has better contingency plans, should flooding occur again.

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