Oct 08 2009

SEC SaryArka

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DanD bought round a video that I had hoped to view for months – the one featuring a voice over I recorded just before I left for Britain last year. In the end, the script had major alterations, and I wasn’t around to re-record it, so DanD provided the English audio for the final release. I will try and upload a clip to YouTube soon and publish it on this blog. I’ve learnt my lesson though – I’ll create a new account as I don’t want to risk losing all the personal videos again when someone decides fair use doesn’t apply and gets my account banned once more. This particular film was on Social Entrepreneurship, which in this case basically means government run organizations that plough the profit from their ventures back into improvements for Kazakh citizens, rather than someone’s back pocket.
We first played the video back on our DVD player (the file is some sort of AVI, not yet checked if it is specifally DivX/xVid etc.), and I had a little shock when I heard my voice – as the audio was encoded with a variable bit rate (VBR), our DVD player got a little confused and ended up rendering my voice falsetto, with me sounding like Mickey Mouse! At first I thought the production company had simply sped up my recording in order to make it match the video footage they were using, but once played on our PC, all was fine 🙂
Once I rediscover the exact title for the film on Kazakh Transportation policies for the future, also recorded last year, Dan should hopefully be able to get a copy of that, and we’re hoping the work we recently did together for a film on the International Religious Tolerance conferences should also be available. Something else to add to my CV to make it stand out a little more than the rest, to potential employers back in Britain 🙂

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