May 16 2007

Scary Times For Kazakhstan

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I thought I’d already linked to KZBlog’s article on the case of a business man who was abducted and beaten, allegedly by a well known figure in Kazakh politics, but I couldn’t find it a moment ago. Anyway, see here.

Then there is the current legal proceedings related to extraditing a man from Russia, to Kazakhstan, where questionable mistakes/errors of judgement appear to have been made. Not only do independently audited records allegedly display that no crime was committed, the charges he was extradited for appear to have been replaced with others, despite this breaking the due process, if reports are valid. Check here.

Now we have the case of a KTK (a Kazakh TV channel) employee who was kidnapped, beaten and held in a cell. His treatment was so shocking that he suffered a stroke. Click here for more info and a further link to a Russian language article on the incident.

On a slightly more light-hearted note, I’ve just come across a picture which look embarrassing enough, without any kind of background information…

Bush Idiot

Apparently his Supreme Stupidness G W Bush had almost inferred that Queen Elizabeth II was more than 200 years old, and so decided to recover his embarassment by giving a WINK to the Queen!

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