Sep 05 2007

Scam Warning

Category: Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 11:22 pm

For anyone who lives in Kazakhstan, PLEASE add this number to your mobile’s phone book, under the name of ‘DO NOT ANSWER – SCAMMER’ or something similar. The number is 701 1336 118 (or if you have all your numbers entered in the international format, please use +7 701 1336118).
A little background to the warning, three times over the past few months, the owner(s) of this phone number have called me up, claiming to be a bank. They stated that they were unable to allow a deposit to be made into my account, and needed to confirm some details. Given my very basic Russian language skills, I passed the phone to Irina quite quickly the first time. She recognised that something fishy was going on, and asked them to tell her which bank they worked for, and which branch I allegedly held an account at. As they were unable and unwilling to tell her, they tried a few different tactics to continue the scam. After the original call, they have occasionally called back, trying the same routine…
It is a bit like a real life phishing scam, but done via phone, not e-mail.
If the owner of that phone number would ever like to leave a comment, please do, I await your response with interest.
(Note, obviously very unlikely they read this blog already, though they may possibly Google their own number to check if anyone has called them out.)

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