May 21 2010

Saving You $0.00 !

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No Savings

No Savings

I noticed that I had a few domains expiring soon, and others spread out amongst July, so I decided to consolidate all the renewal dates. Whilst trying to make sure that my domain registrar wasn’t attempting to sneak anything nasty in with a new set of terms and conditions (thrilling reading, I can assure you!), I checked out the total price, and ploughed through a few pages of attempted upsells. Declining the opportunity for all sorts of unneeded features, I noticed the saving offered by combining Private and Business registration into Deluxe registration was a whopping $0.00 per domain! (See the numbers with stars next to them in the picture above).
7.95+3.99=11.94 – This is the total you pay if you’re stupid, and buy the two upgrades separately…
11.94 – This is how much you pay if you’re smart and buy the combined package, and save $$$ 😉 !

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