Feb 20 2008

Saving People From RSI?

Category: Aware Or Conspiracy Nut...,In The MediaChrisM @ 7:23 pm

I remember seeing a segment on a TV program back in the 90s that showed a Japanese research scientist playing space invaders without touching anything. He basically thought Left/Right/Fire, and a hybrid EKG machine ‘read’ his though patterns and sent the appropriate command to the computer.
It looks as though this technology has continued to mature, take a look over at this article for more details.

Thought Controlling Hardware

I imagine the price will be a little prohibitive at the beginning, but I’d really like to play with investigate such a headset. Eventually I hope we can progress beyond voice-control, dictating and generally having to insert slow mechanisms in the human computer interface. That said, unless headsets remain obvious and large, and I can see the conspiracy theorists worrying about involuntary ‘scannnig’. Don’t even get me started on the farcical situation with modern ‘secure’ passports with RFIDs in them…

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