Aug 26 2007

Sattay With Friends

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This evening we went with Assel and Walton to the roof terrace section of the Sattay restaurant. Although you do pay a little more than some places, it wasn’t quite in the range of the German style restaurant we went to mid-week, luckily. I had some Bousaky as a starter (a roll that tastes a little like a doughnut, without the sugar added), a kebab (Sashlique) with chips, and some profiteroles for dessert. Unfortunately, they were too tasty to pause and grab a photo, sorry, but you can see the edible bowl they came in at least…
One thing that caught our eyes was the difference in prices between the English menu, and the Russian menu. Being inquisitive, we asked the waitress why foreigners were expected to pay more at this establishment. The reason given was that you received larger portions for the more expensive (English language) versions of the items. Having seen how much a Kazakh man can put away in an evening, especially if the food is required to soak up a good amount of vodka, I remain unconvinced. See the pictures below for an example of how the chips cost more on one menu than the other.
The music they played was refreshingly non-pop, and the service level was good. Once we had finished our meal, and putting the world to rights over some vodka, we headed back to Walton and Assel’s place, where we had some popcorn, sweets and a little more vodka. (See the last photo below, this vodka has garnered quite a reputation internationally, apparently.)

Bousaky Sattay Astana Kazakhstan 2007 Assel Sattay Astana Kazakhstan 2007 Sashlique Chips Sattay Astana Kazakhstan 2007 Ira Sattay Astana Kazakhstan 2007
English Menu Sattay Astana Kazakhstan 2007 Russian Menu Sattay Astana Kazakhstan 2007 Profiteroles Were Here Sattay Astana Kazakhstan 2007 Edible Bowl For Profiteroles Sattay Astana Kazakhstan 2007
Walton Astana Kazakhstan 2007 Snow Queen Vodka And Munchies Astana Kazakhstan 2007

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