Jun 20 2009

Salt Water, Yurts & Peggle

Category: Friends,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 1:54 am

Friday night draws to a close, and we still don’t know whether we are just at Irina’s parents this weekend, as normal, or if we are going on a day trip that was cancelled a couple of weeks ago. The possible destination is a salt water lake a little bit outside of Astana, with a beach on it! In a virtually land locked country like Kazakhstan, any sort of natural sandy beach is a plus. If we are going, I’m hoping someone is sorting a yurt again. No, I’m not missing half the keys and hoping someone is bringing yoghurts, but instead referring to a big tent like structure that the nomadic people used to use in this country. Now we have Anna, the ability to get in from the hot sun, have somewhere for her to lie down on the ground that is clean, and be able to change her clothes/nappy without exposing her body to the elements too much would be great.


OK, that is actually a yurt in Mongolia, but it is the closest I could find in terms of a visual reference to the one we used last time.

Anyway, I’ll post/tweet when I know what we are doing tomorrow, but as we only heard about the possibility from a friend a couple of days ago, and the in-laws haven’t mentioned anything, I’m assuming it is another weekend in Chubari. Hopefully DanD is popping over anyway, and I recently installed Peggle on Ira’s Mum’s PC, so whatever happens, I should have something to do 😉

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