Dec 10 2009

Sadly It Is Official

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Yes, Lucky is leaving Kazakhstan, returning to America (along with his wife), and you can see his farewell video below…

We’re still hoping they’ll be able to make it to Astana before they go, as it would be great to actually meet in real life and down a few drinks with the guy.
Hmm, I should probably get around to publishing the drafted posts that feature some of his older videos, and in case I haven’t already mentioned it, he also has another channel setup, The District of Lucky, so if you already found his Lucky21842 channel, and liked it, consider subscribing to the new one as well. Unless you’re easily offended, as I hear the topics/language may be a little more relaxed than the Kazakh-themed Lucky channel. In which case you should subscribe anyway, as it does no harm to a YouTuber’s ego to have a large following (and Lucky is a nice guy), just don’t watch any of the videos. Or turn the volume down first. Or maybe just ask a less easily insulted person to watch it first and report back whether it is safe or not 🙂

OK, I’ve now watched the video (slow internet, so you’re best waiting for it to play through once with muted volume, and then re-playing, when on Kazakh internet connections). Few thoughts I had whilst watching it…
Hat/gloves? Dude, no idea what the temperature was in Almaty when you recorded it, but I went out with no scarf the other day and got frostbite. My wife would have beat you black and blue for such silly behaviour 🙂
We had similar reasons for originally moving to Kazakhstan – we both wanted to find out a little bit, first hand, what life was like for our partners. Obviously a lot of things have changed since they were little, but it is still good to get a handle on the basics.
VERY good advice for ex-pats in Kazakhstan ref. getting to know local people if you want to enjoy your time here. Meeting a Kazakh/Russian on the street does not always leave a happy feeling in your mind, but the majority are SO much warmer and friendlier when you properly meet them in a social setting. Even if you can’t get even a basic grasp of the language, it is worth spending some time with locals, not just fellow ex-pats.

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