Sep 13 2007

Russian Vacuum News

Category: In The Media,VideosChrisM @ 4:48 am

Not connected with hoovering your house at all. Instead, news reports (Reuters article here, my thanks to Birdman over at the forum for bringing it to my attention) are detailing a new, non-nuclear, bomb that is hoped to increase respect for Russia’s military might.

What it basically comes down to, IMHO, is whether this display is for external (as in the rest of the world’s governments) viewing and policy effecting, or whether Putin intends this to be mainly for internal (civilian) propaganda, what with the elections now less than 1/2 a year away?

If new bombs must be built, at least this one (if official reports are to be trusted) does not contaminate the area, making a marked change from the way nuclear weapons can prevent re-settling of a civilian population into the devastated area.

Assuming I have managed to modify the code Reuters used, you should see a short news report video below with a few more details and a shot of the test explosion.

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