Jan 20 2010

Round Belly, Square Eyes

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 1:28 pm

One of my earliest New Years’ memories is being allowed to sit in the living room, watching cartoons on TV, and eating my breakfast cereal at the same time. It now sounds very silly, but back then, this seemed like the most extravagant of treats, and I can still remember watching Road Runner avoid Wile E. Coyote, whilst simultaneously trying not to spill and Shreddies or milk onto the living room carpet. Why this sudden recall of something that happened almost 25 years ago? I was just looking at the photo below, before uploading it, which features Anna having a special treat of watching her DVD and being allowed to eat at the same time 🙂

Anna Allowed To Eat And Watch TV (Christmas Treat)

Anna Allowed To Eat And Watch TV (Christmas Treat)

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