Jun 26 2009

Rotated Clockwise

Category: Anna's Photos,PersonalChrisM @ 2:43 am

OK, getting to the end of June’s photos with Anna in now. So, that leaves nine weeks of photos to try and catch up with in two weeks, if I use the entirely arbitrary date of the end of August as a deadline. The reason for the title of this blog? Anna sometimes decides that sleeping in a bed the way bed-makers, parents and everyone else dictates just isn’t for her. However, we have no random diagonal re-arrangement here, thank you very much. Just 90 degrees worth of ‘YES, I did mean to reposition myself like this. This was no random thrashing around… I didn’t like where you put me, so I fixed the situation 🙂

Anna's Slant On The World

Anna's Slant On The World

Oh, 26th June was the date this was taken. If you’ve missed the previous explanations, I’ll be altering the dates on these Anna’s Photos posts (and most likely her Anna’s Videos posts as well) once we’re back up to real time posting, so the automatic export/import process to AnnaMerriman.com won’t involve too much faffing around with timestamps later.